E3: The Critical Beatdown

Now that I’ve gotten my Kool Keith reference out of the way, I can get to my post.

E3 this year was arguably better than it was in recent years past, but it still feels like an overpriced media fuckfest. Anyway, I won’t rant about the blisters I got walking around and around the LA Convention Center, and get straight to the games.

The Bad:

Dragon Age: Origins

I know what you’re thinking – how can a Bioware title be bad!? I sort of thought the same thing when I first laid eyes on Dragon Age. Bioware has had a great track record, even if you include Jade Empire (which was not that bad), but Dragon Age looks godawful so far. Granted that it was not shown to the public (it was viewable by appointment only, squirreled away in the EA meeting rooms, along with Mass Effect 2 and Pandemic’s The Saboteur – more on those later), Bioware still has their work cut out for them. The game’s UI is clunky and awkward, with an almost oversized HUD and a fantasy MMO style. UI’s can be redone, though – it’s all about combat, and immersion, right? Well, while the combat looks entertaining, the immersion is virtually nonexistent. Plus, the voice-over work is shoddy and amateur. I really hope that Bioware can pull this together, but at this point, I’m really not sure. They do have the excellent Mass Effect 2 and SW:TOR going for them though. Maybe they over-extended themselves on this one?

DC Universe Online

Unlike Dragon Age, DC Universe Online was on display to the public. Aaaand… it looks worse than Champions Online AND the aging City of Heroes on every level. I didn’t get to customize a character, so I can’t comment on that. However, the combat feels robotic and unnatural, even by MMO standards, and the questing feels contrived and boring. I almost feel like they’re trying to milk the DC universe’s heroes for all they can in this one, in the hopes that it will distract players from how awful the game actually is. Too bad, because I actually like MMOs.

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Here’s another game that surprised me by how underwhelming it was. I don’t really know if I can call Arkham Asylum bad, because it’s really not that bad. It’s just incredibly bland and mediocre. I watched/played through the tutorial and a bit of the first level, and it was disappointing. Yes, you can throw batarangs. Yes, the combat animations look fantastic. Yes, the character design looks ridiculous and cartoonish. Wait, what? Yeah, you heard me. Batman looks like someone took Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago from GoW and combined them into one chunky beefcake in a batsuit. It’s disheartening. On the upside, the Arkham Asylum exhibit was awesome. They had a gurney and a fog machine and barbed wire and all of that jazz. Too bad they couldn’t make the same effort to prevent their game from being (moderately) full of fail.

Next post: The Mediocre and The Good.


Oven-Roasted Pecan Crunch Catfish with Lemon-Honey Sauce and Asparagus

Recipe courtesy Whole Foods Market, modified by me.

I was browsing Whole Foods yesterday, and (hidden among the throng of hipsters in American Apparel attire) I came across their display of catfish. Being South-East Asian, I love catfish. I have so many memories of eating catfish as a child. Catfish fried, poached, in curry, over rice, prepared in every way imaginable – except for baked. I’ve never had baked catfish, ever. Until now (fyi, I was missing out – it’s seriously delicious). Recipe is as follows:


1 cup Panko breadcrumbs

1/3 cup chopped pecans

3 tsp fresh thyme, divided and chopped

1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

cooking spray

salt & pepper, to taste

1 1/4 lb asparagus

1 tbsp honey

4 catfish fillets (6 oz each)

1. Preheat oven to 425F.

2. Toss breadcrumbs in a medium size bowl with 2 tsp thyme, 1 tbsp oil, salt, pepper, and 2 tbsp water. Set aside.

3. Toss asparagus with cooking spray, remaining thyme, honey, salt, and pepper. Spread asparagus in a single layer on a large oiled baking sheet/pan.

4. Scatter 1/4 of the breadcrumb mixture over the asparagus, and arrange catfish over asparagus.

5. Press remaining breadcrumb mixture onto the fillets, and roast until cooked through, about 12-15 minutes. Transfer to plates.

6. Drizzle lemon-honey sauce (recipe below) onto catfish fillets. Serves 4.

Lemon-Honey Sauce

1.5 tbsp honey

1.5 tbsp lemon juice

Whisk lemon juice and honey together in a small bowl until sauce is less viscous/at the consistency of juice, about 30 seconds.


Daily Dose: Brad Renfro dead, Scientology hosts some freaky success seminar, MacBook Air!?

It has possibly been one of the most ridiculous days of the year. And considering that the year in retrospect is still quite minuscule, it really could be worse. First, I get to deal with the 8 hour long interruption-to-my-life that I like to call my job.

Brad Renfro, Deceased Then, I hear that Brad Renfro has died. Seriously, another junkie teen/child star. Surprise. But, you know, having stuck a few needles in my arm before, I gotta sympathize a little bit with the kid. Plus he was way hot. So far, the coroner is reporting that the cause of death is unknown, but we all know that he O.D.’d. I am pretty sure that Anna Nicole Smith‘s cause of death was “unknown” for the first couple of days as well.

Link to story

Which reminds me, a friend of a friend is about to be evicted. However, the entire ordeal is just one massive “long story”. So let me start from the beginning. There is this girl, Kacie. And Kacie lives with two girls, one of whom is named Jane, and the other is also named Kacie. I know, confusing. Anyway, Kacie & Kacie are best friends, and Jane is pretty cool with both of them as well. One day, Kacie & Kacie have a falling out. Now, Kacie #2 (who I have never met) wants Kacie #1 to move out. She is cool with Jane, so Jane can stay. But this falling out has brought Kacie #1 and Jane closer together, and now Jane despises Kacie #2 as well. To complicate matters, everyone is on the lease. Kacie #2 really hates everyone, so she decides that she just wont pay her portion of the rent, resulting in everyone getting evicted, including herself. So now, Kacie #1 and Jane are screwed. Not only is Kacie #1 going to have this eviction effect her credit score, but she also won’t receive her security deposit, and she will have to find a new place to live (pront0!), incurring moving costs. I have advised Kacie #1 to file a suit against Kacie #2 in small claims court. I suppose we shall see how things go. Unfortunately, since this is such a specific situation, it is really difficult to find any advice online. Anyway, back to the post.

It looks like Scientology is about to share some of their juicy secrets for success. Although, my theory was not that Scientology builds successful people, but that successful people build Scientology. But I mean, it is free. And most of Hollywood’s rich & famous are forking over tons of cash to Scientology. Well, to that, or they’re throwing it at Israel. Maybe instead of trying to make money in the music industry, we should just start posing as Scientology fund raisers?

Um… creepy kind of?

And if you thought that was terrifying, you obviously haven’t seen the Tom Cruise Scientology pitch…

Okay, I have been reading/listening/absorbing as much of the information from MacWorld as humanly possible, and I am starting to wish that I had… more money. Lots more. I am honestly starting to feel like 75% of my income gets diverted to Apple, and its killing me. Not because I waste my money on electronics… but BECAUSE ITS JUST NOT ENOUGH!!! I need more money to throw at them! MacBook Air? I want it!

mbavsall.jpg Look at it! It is so thin. It looks like one of those mini silver Japanese “finger shaped” vibrators! But, just as we all suspected, it isn’t all good. There are a number of problems with our shiny, tiny, friend. Namely, the battery life. Something so small only has enough juice for a few hours. Secondly, everything is sealed in there. As in it is NON-upgradeable. You can’t add ram, can’t add a bigger hard drive. Hell, you can’t even replace the battery. Basically, you’re stuck with it once you buy it. And every time they update the MacBook Air, you’ll be left coveting the newer, shinier model… and there is absolutely nothing you can do (under $1700) about it! Plus, you want to here the biggest slap in the face? There is not a sign of an ethernet port on this baby.

MacBook Air @ Apple.com

MacWorld 2008 Keynote

And because I know that we all need ONE MORE blog to post the ‘viral video of the day’, I suppose I’ll indulge you all and do it…




Anderson Cooper… my favorite homosexual.

Well, I just bought Dispatches from the Edge, and I happen to think that Anderson Cooper is a the sexiest gay man ever. Just reading his stories makes me wetter than a McDonald’s bathroom. Anyway, here is some video footage attesting to his greatness (and his gayness).

Even Anderson Hates K-Fed

Anderson & Ryan Seacrest Have A Flirty Little Rapport

So hot, but so gay. When I grow a penis, I’ll be sure to give him a fuck.


Hooray for pomme frites!

France just beat Brazil 1-0 and advanced to the 2006 FIFA World Cup semi-finals. Zinedine Zidane sent a free kick in Thierry Henry’s direction. Henry volleyed the ball into the goal, and then fin. It’s nice to see someone besides Brazil win once in awhile. And if you think about how horribly France was playing at the beginning of the tournament… I had no idea that they would be heading for the semi-finals. But Brazil played terribly all night, so… I’m not surprised at this point. I’ll add video footage when I get it.


How much more vague could this be?

While this looks devastatingly cool, it is simultaneously kind of obscure, like an amorphous blob of a trailer. Oh well.

(click “read on” to view the video)

Actually, I suppose it isn’t that vague. I mean, they do identify it as a Transformers trailer from Paramount Pictures out on July, 04, 2007. Jeez, like, what else do I need?


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